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You have reached the home page of Thomas Robb Ministries - (non-denominational)  Thomas Robb Ministries is built upon the following biblical principles.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  He was born of the Virgin Mary. 

He lived a sinless life.  Because we can not earn our salvation...He voluntarily died upon the Cross.  He conquered death and bodily rose from the grave.  Through His blood and His grace we have remission of our sins and the redemption of our soul.  He is coming again in Holiness to judge and rule the world.

As Sons and Daughters of the Living God - we are commanded to reach out to our brothers and sisters.

We believe we are living in the "end times" (as in the days of Noah and Lot) and it is pertinent that we turn back to the laws of our God - Jesus Christ.

We believe that we are to cherish the wonderful life that God has bestowed upon each of us - to love our heritage like Jacob and not to despise it like Essau.  Therefore we honor the diversity of God's creation (kind after kind) and practice commitment to our family and racial integrity as He commanded.

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 Check Out His Latest Book 

"The Last Church"

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PO Box 602, Harrison, AR 72601

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 An Easy Guide to Home Schooling Success

Here’s a first step in showing your friends and neighbors that home schooling works!

It’s a travesty. Today’s public schools have become behavior modification laboratories where the “elitist” social psychologists reign supreme and cognitive skills and knowledge are replaced by the brainwashing agenda of the New World Order.

Traditional values associated with Christianity and the family have gone by the wayside, replaced with the skewed values of multi-culturalism, situation ethics and other forms of relativism. What can be done?

In An Easy Guide to Home Schooling Success, you’ll learn why children schooled in a home environment are now outperforming their Establishment-sponsored peers and at the same time, reinforcing and preserving basic family cohesion.

Buy multiple discounted copies of this “how-to” educational work book so your friends and neighbors can benefit from a tried and true tradition—home schooling.

$25.00 from the church (order by mail) or from the Barnes Review

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We hold Regular Church Services Every Sunday at 11 am at the Christian Revival Center at SOTC Bible Camp just 15 miles N.E. of Harrison, Arkansas.   Listen to Pastor Thomas Robb on the 1, 2,and 3rd Sundays of the month and bible evangelist Mrs. Rachel Pendergraft on the 4th Sunday of each month.  We also have children's classes and on the 1st Sunday of each month we have potluck after church.  All of our white brothers and sisters are invited each week to attend our services.


The Song you are Listening to is Called:

For a World Wide Revival 

By Leila Morris - 1910

For a worldwide revival,
Blessèd Master, we pray.
Let the pow’r of the Highest
Be upon us today;
For this world, dearly purchased
By the blood of God’s Son,
Back from Satan’s dominion
And from sin must be won.


Send the power, O Lord,
Send the power, O Lord.
Send the Holy Ghost power;
Let it now be outpoured.
Send it surging and sweeping
Like the waves of the sea.
Send a worldwide revival,
And begin it in me.

Send the “showers of blessing,”
As declared in Thy Word,
Let the “Spirit of promise”
On all flesh be outpoured;
Send the “latter rain” on us,
Till the land overflows,
Till the desert, rejoicing,
Blossoms forth as the rose.


There’s a “sound of a going
In the mulberry trees,”
News of nations awaking
Borne upon ev’ry breeze;
For the prayers of His children,
God in mercy doth own.
The revival’s beginning,
And the power’s coming down.



Consider Your Family's Future!

50% of Children in the U.S. under 8 are non-white. The govt. projects that within 4 years (because of legal and illegal immigration and high birthrate) the majority of children under 18 will not be white. Whites will Be a Minority in Less than 30 Years!

Above: is the front cover of a recent issue of The Torch - the monthly publication of Thomas Robb Ministries. You and your family will thoroughly enjoy receiving this into your home. e-mail us with a request for a FREE sample copy!


Books, T-Shirts, Pins, and More - Learn about and Celebrate your White Heritage


Ancient Roman Document - Verified by British Museum 1935

Jesus Was White

Read it Here

"...and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.." Joel 2:28

My white brothers and sisters - help spread the good news of White Christian Revival!

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