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The Battle is on the Home Front

by Mrs. Rachel Pendergraft

How many times throughout the day do you complain about the problems in the nation or how often do you hear someone else complain? Probably, even if you donít complain out loud, you do complain hundreds of times a day within the silent confines of your mind.

There is nothing wrong with complaining. But often times along with the complaining are thoughts like, "I canít do anything about it" or "its useless - Oh well, whatís on TV tonight?"

Our people have had the wind taken out of their sails. Our people feel hopeless, so they drown their sorrows in fast food, movies, sports, hunting, fishing, shopping, and so on. No, Iím not talking about the general population, I mean people like us. We are often the worst offenders. We have all this knowledge, but we concentrate on the negative too much and the brain shuts down and we find ourselves with our head buried in the sand.

My four year old does something similar. When things arenít going his way, he puts his hands over his eyes so that it is dark. He thinks that magically somehow when he removes his hands, heís going to get that dish of ice cream, the new toy, or maybe he wonít be getting the spanking he deserves. But no, life goes on. It doesnít do any good to put your hands over your eyes.

The Bible tells us that it is harder to control our own lives than it is to rule a city. Sure itís easy to tell others what to do or how to live. But try to live righteously yourself and its much more difficult.


What I want to do is put some wind back in your sails, because our enemies have demoralized our people. You see my friends; there is an area of the world where you are the ruler. You didnít know that? Its true.

Forget about trying to reclaim some piece of land somewhere to be the bastion of white people. We arenít going to make the Northwest (some years ago a big idea for some in the movement) or Old Confederacy THE place for white people. Iím not even promoting the idea of shipping Negroes back to Africa, like Abe Lincoln wanted to. Ask our white brothers and sisters in South Africa if they want more Negroes and they will tell you, "Heck No!"  They must be geographically separated from us though for the most part.

As far as Iím concerned, and the Bible will back me up, God gave the entire earth to be the white man and womanís domain. That is our purpose in being here; to subdue and rule. Under our Christian guidance, all races will lead a much happier existence. Law and order is what they need.

But at this point in time, we have to get our people to the point in which they are willing to take on the responsibility they have been given. And before we can convince the average man or woman of that, we must set our own house in order. God wonít use us until that time. It is absolutely pointless in expecting our movement to conquer anything, until the people of "the movement" set their own lives straight.

Throughout the New Testament there are references to "the church in their home". Our home should be the first place of importance.

Unfortunately most donít take their authority in the home seriously. They donít view the home as a sanctuary within a world of evil. Home just becomes a bunkhouse and a feeding station for strangers who are related.

Do you really know what happens in your home? Do you really know those who live in your home? 

You may have heard before that you can look at the children to see if the parents were good parents or not. That is not true. You can tell if parents did their job by looking at the grand kids. If your children (and you may not be of the age yet where this applies) are raising bratty children who have no reverence for God, parents, or authority, itís your fault. You are supposed to teach your children how to be good parents. That is the way it works. Your failure is seen in the grand children.

If you have already said good-bye to your children and they are adults on their own. Hopefully you sent them into the world with the necessary mental tools to train up the next generation. If not, there is not much you personally can do about it anymore, but try to be a good example and do a lot of praying.

If your children are in their teens. You have already set the standard. They are most likely set in their ways. (Yes, it happens at a very young age - Isnít that why they start the race mixing/homosexual agenda in pre-school and kindergarten - get emí while theyíre young) The time to start is with yourself before theyíre even born. Especially, get into action when theyíre little. Definitely start leading a good example when theyíre teens.

Single? Do you think there is no one out there for you? It isnít true. But just as God loves you, he loves the other person too, and heís not about to put someone into your life until he knows that you are ready for the responsibility.

You control your life. God may direct circumstances, but he expects us to do our part. When you walk through your living room door. (If you are a young person living with unbelieving parents - you still have power over your thoughts and actions - the same applies to a woman married to an unbelieving husband. You should still take great care in teaching your children what is right - You are in authority over your thoughts and godly or ungodly actions.)

In your home there are no "thought" police telling you or your family what to think. No one is holding the remote control and forcing you to watch a particular program. No one is telling your child that he has to listen to a particular CD or a certain video game. No one marches into your house and says that you absolutely have to read this or that magazine or that your children have to read the article about "hateful racists who canít see the joy of interracial dating". No one has you hooked up to an electrical current that zapps you when you talk about things of a Christian and racial nature. No one is stopping you from raising a race conscious, respectful, Christ loving, courageous, son or daughter. Donít get me wrong. There are lots of obstacles being thrown in your way when they leave your home. Your children are definitely being targeted (and if youíre single you should be planning your parenting strategy now - read the Bible for the how-toís), but you control what happens inside the four walls of your home.

Think of the possibilities. Think of what could happen if all the parents who believed would put in the time and effort and make it their mission to have their home become a kingdom where the Lord and His teachings reigned supreme. And by example of a happy well-ordered Kingdom, another family took responsibility for their Kingdom. And 20 years or so from birth (which isnít really that long) all of your children began establishing their own Kingdoms. Maybe the world would be a den of evil, but in your Kingdom racial integrity, love, generosity, pure thoughts, bold Christianity, ect. would be the norm. Imagine what God would do with so many Kingdoms. He wonít set up His Kingdom on Earth until many well ordered Kingdoms of believers and obedient followers have been established.

It is wrong to always be thinking about what someone else should do, or when Christ will solve the problems. We may find ourselves wandering in the wilderness until we as a people begin setting up our own promised land in our own homes, a place of refuge and instruction for our children. The battle is being fought now. Lets take back our homes as God commands, and then we can be in a position to take back our nation!


Bible Verses to Remember:


"A child left to itself, disgraces his mother " Prov. 29:15


"He who spares the rod hates his son" Prov. 29:15


"Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord our God with all you heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up." Deut. 6:4-7



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