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In "Le Triomphe de la Providence et de la Religion" by the learned scholar, Dr. Abbadie, and published in Amsterdam in 1723, is expressed the view that the Northern European tribes, from which the English derive, are the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.

In 1671 a pamphlet issued in Nether Dutch stated that the English-speaking people were Israel.

In the time of Cromwell (c. 1647) a political reform movement, called the Levellers, sought reforms which threatened the dictator's power. Both Everard and Winstanley, prominent Levellers, are mentioned in connection with the belief in the Israelitish origin of the Saxon and kindred peoples. Everard stated that "all the liberties of the people were lost by the coming of William the Conqueror and that ever since, the people of God had lived under tyranny and oppression worse than that of our Forefathers under the Egyptians."

King James V1 of Scotland, and 1 of England, claimed that the Lord had made him King over ISRAEL, and upon the gold coin of his day, called the Jacobus, he had inscribed in Latin the prophecy of Ezekiel 37:22 "I will make of them one nation."

In 1590 Lelayer, a French Magistrate, issued a large volume entitled "The Lost Ten Tribes Found" stating that they formed the then English peoples. ("Petite Parisien" June 24th, 1913)

Queen Elizabeth 1 was known as the "Light of Israel" and Sir Francis Drake in a letter to John Fox asked for prayers "that we might have continual peace in Israel."

Vincenzio Galilei, father of the famous astronomer, in writing about the origin of the harp in Ireland mentions the native Irish tradition that they had descended from the Royal Prophet David. 1581.

The 33rd Law of King Alfred the Great reads, for "Vex thou not comers from afar and strangers, for remember, ye were once strangers in Egypt." (9th Century)



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