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The Identity Roots (and Betrayal) of Billy Graham.

By Pastor Thomas Robb

To many Christians throughout the world, Billy Graham is like a modern Apostle Paul. The most famous evangelist of the modern era has spoken before millions of people, has been the friend of every president since Truman and has been the mouthpiece through which multitudes have pro-claimed a conversion to Jesus Christ. There would be few Americans indeed, who can say they have seen him speak on television, on the radio or even in person. He is credited with bringing the light of the gospel to millions.

However, there Is A dark side!


Many people are unaware of the betrayal of Billy Graham. His statements on more than one occasion helped prepare America for racial miscegenation. His February 25th,1974 syndicated column (My Answer) which appeared in the Newspapers all around the country made plain intent, (and perhaps the reason the media made him into an evangelist icon). I have a copy of the column which was obtained from The Atlantic Constitution. In this issue he writes, "In Chattanooga, Tennessee back in 1953 we began insisting that our meetings be purposely mixed. I took this stand before the Supreme Court decision of 1954 and before I had ever heard the word "Integration.

In another issue of this column a white mother asked Graham whether there was any thing in the Bible that would forbid her daughter to marry a Negro. Graham answered emphatically "Certainly Not!"

However shortly before that he spent $40,000 for a prize champion bull to use for breeding on his farm. You can be certain that before he spent that $40,000 he made sure it was the best breeding stock he could find. However he doesn't care what kind of mate our young girls and boys choose.

We all know that as Christians we are to oppose evil where ever it appears. Christians are not to have any part of wickedness and the bible is clear that we are to rebuke them.


Has Graham Been a Secret Soviet Agent?


To most Christians the very idea that Billy Graham may have actually been a Secret Soviet Agent is unbelievable. Most people look only at the loving Graham preaching Jesus Christ. However, his work betrays his words.

To some patriots the name of Senator Joseph McCarthy conjures images of a gallant, courageous champion of America. However, Graham's taking the same liberal position as the enemies of McCarthy, such as Arthur Miller, the Jewish playwright who married Marilyn Monroe, stated on his recently published autobiography "Just As I Am", "about this time in Washington D.C. Senator Joseph McCarthy was holding sensational hearings about alleged anti-American subversion. McCarthyism entered the American vocabulary (coined by Arthur Miller) as a word describing the making of unsubstantiated charges against alleged Communists and communist sympathizers. I think McCarthy tried to contact me once, but I never exchanged telegrams with him, and I never talked to him on the phone. "Nor did I want to." 

Graham admits that he didn't even want to talk to the great American Joseph McCarthy. But he had no qualms talking and even enjoying the company of well known Jewish mobster Mickey Cohen and Jewish Rabbis such as Marc Tanenbaum. Nor did he have any problems meeting and befriending such ultra liberals (Marxists) as Larry King, Al Gore, Hubert Humphrey and Martin Luther King.


Graham Worked With King to Destroy White America!


Billy Graham without shame boasts of his close friendship with Martin Luther King, Graham actually invited King to speak at one of his Team Retreats. This was a gathering of young people who Graham was teaching to be his ambassadors. According to Graham, King came "To help us understand the racial situating in America." Graham says that he called King, 'Mike" as King requested. Grahams intent was to break down white resistance in the south. Graham helped accomplish the goal. "The dinner was held in honor of (Mike) Martin Luther King, Jr. -Graham invited Southern Baptists leaders from the Untied States to come. I wanted to build a bridge between Blacks and Whites in our own South, and this seemed like a good opportunity to move toward that goal."

"During our brief stay, some Mississippi Baptists came up to Grady (Grady Wilson, a Graham associate) to welcome him. As they were talking Mike came by and slapped Grady on the shoulder and greeted him warmly. Our friendly relationship with Mike made the point with my Baptist Friends."

Graham in League with the Devil


Billy Grahams teaching of the Gospel was a cover to help destroy White Christian America. The Bible warns us about ministers of Satan coming as angles of light. In Grahams book he describes exactly how King and himself worked together to bring to ruin White Christian America.

"Early on, Dr. King and I spoke about his method of using nonviolent demonstrations to bring an end to racial segregation. He urged me to keep on doing what I was doing-preaching the Gospel to integrated audiences and supporting his goals by example- 'Not to join him in the streets.'" Of course the reason King did not want Graham to join him in the streets was because Grahams cover would be blown. It was necessary to undermine within the church, to create the necessary white guilt that was so important.

Graham continues quoting from the words that King spoke to him, "You stay in the stadiums, Billy," he said. "Because you will have far more impact on white establishment there than you would, if you marched in the streets. Besides that you have a constituency that will listen to you, especially among the White people, who may not listen so much to me. But if leaders get far out in front of the people they will lose sight of him and not follow him any longer."

Playing the willing part of the Pied Piper, Graham said, "I'll follow his advise."


Graham further displayed his treason in the May 28th,1973 edition of the Mainichi Daily News of Tokyo, Japan. In this newspaper Graham is quoted as saying, "I think communisms appeal to youth and is its structure and promise of the future utopia. Mao Tse Tung eight precepts are basically the same as the Ten Commandments. In fact if we cannot have the Ten Commandments to read in our schools, it'll settle for Mao's precepts."

If there was a time that Graham stood solidly upon principle it was obvious the he sold out principle for profit. With his spiritual guard down he became the tool of the extreme radicals of the National Council of Churches. Perhaps this is why April 7th,1970s edition of the Chicago Tribune, reported, "Graham  said that for years he had refused to discuss communism. "I cannot go around the world and say who is right and who is not."


But What about his Identity Roots?


I suppose this is why the story of Billy Graham is a sad tale of knowledge and ignorance, truth and betrayal. Those of is who know our Identity with the House of Israel, who celebrate in the knowledge that the sons and daughters of Europe are the descendants of Gods people Israel finds great pleasure in bringing the Israel Christian Identity message to our White brothers and sisters.

It is for that reason we remain bewildered by a man who surely knows our Identity, but who not only will not proclaim this truth, but who has actually become a willing tool in the hands of those who hate us.

I first hearted that Billy Graham was knowledgeable of our Israel Identity from Dr.Kenneth Goff who told me in 1964 about a conversation he had with Graham at a ministers conference a few years earlier. According to Goff, Graham admitted that he privately knew it to be true, but wasn't prepared to ever speak of it publicly.

For those who may not know, Goff was a well known anti-communist speaker and minister, who before his conversion had been a member of the Communist Party. Upon leaving the Party he testified before Martin Dies. The committee which later became known as the House Committee of un-American Activities. Goff crisscrossed the country in at churches and private meetings about communist infiltration.

Of course, I am aware that the words of one man is not sufficient proof of the claim. However, the story does unfold from there.

Goff claimed that Graham was converted to Christianity through the ministry of Dr. M. Fowler Ham - (The M. standing for Mordecai) a well known evangelist in the early part of this century who understood our Israel Identity.

However it was again, only the words of Kenneth Goff that made the claim. I had seen no proof of his statements.

Recently I picked up a book about The life story of Billy Graham


I would like to quote a couple of paragraphs from the book to help establish which Goff told me in 1964 was the truth. "Billy was not enthusiastic when he heared some preacher called (Mordecai Ham) was coming to Charlotte late that summer in 1935 to hold the revival meetings that his father had talked about. One of the unique things about the evangelist M. Fowler Ham, according to Grahams father he said that he could, 'Skin the local preachers pretty good,'." 

Billy Grahams father evidently had prior knowledge of Evangelist Ham and respected his ministry and teaching. There was little doubt that Dr. Hams teaching included our Israel Identity as you will soon see.

Why did Ham "skin" the local preachers? Could it have been because he knew our Identity and he called them to task because local preachers attempted to deny it? Remember this was in 1935!

"Dr. Ham was coming to Charlotte and was going to "take on all the preachers in Charlotte."

It was under the preaching of Mordecai Ham that Billy Graham was converted. In reference to Grahams future wife, Ruth Bell, we read, "She seemed amazed that he had not seen one movie since he had received Christ under Morenci Hams preaching in 1935."

Dr. Ham died in 1961 at the age of 84. During his day he was considering one of the great evangelists and through his ministry an estimated 8,000 men entered the ministry.

It was during one of his revival meetings in Charlotte,Noth Carolina that Billy Graham was converted to Christianity. This was in 1935. However, Durham was also committed to the propagation of the Israel Identity truth for many years prior to 1935.

If anyone should wonder if it was the same Mordecai Ham (as if this would be a common name). Or that perhaps Dr. Ham kept his beliefs secret and did not elaborate upon them. I would like to point out that Graham himself admits that Hams teaching was well known enough that according to Grahams autobiography," Ham) arrived in Charlotte under a considerable cloud of controversy. One charge leveled against him was that he was Anti-Semitic."

In part two of this article, we are reprinting a sermon  Dr. Ham spoke in British at the Seventh Annual Congress of the British Israel world Federation on Oct 4th,1926.This was 9 years before Grahams  conversion under Dr. Hams ministry! The sermon was later reprinted in the Aug.7th,1954 issue of The National Message.

I obtained this copy from Pastor Curtis Clair Ewing in 1982,who said that he wished the title would have been Anglo-Israel rather than the term British-Israel. But regardless of the name, the fact still remains that Dr. Ham knew our Israel Identity. He preached it and there is little doubt that Billy Graham understood it and chose to betray the truth for the pleasures of the world.

We often hear about preachers warning people that salvation is greater than riches. Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general have sometimes made stories about a person selling their soul to the devil in order to become a great Rock&Roll singer, movie star, or perhaps achieve great success in some other career.

Is it possible that to Billy Graham it was better for the WORLD to call him a great preacher and a great evangelist than to be the humble servant of God?

Did he sell his soul to Satan for the fame and success of being a great preacher?


The Need of British Israel Truth


An address given at the Seventh Annual Congress of the British Israel World Federation on Oct. 4th,1926,by Rev. Dr. M. Fowler Ham the celebrated American Evangelist under whose ministry Dr. Billy Graham made his decision for Christ.

Dr. Ham's message below that he gave on Oct. 4th 1926 to the British Israel World Federation:

"I AM going to give you some of the reasons why I believe that the world is in need of this message.

Carrying out a Divine Purpose -

I am going to quote from the first chapter of Deuteronomy, verses 6 to8: "The lord our God spake unto us in Horeb, saying "Ye have dwelt long enough in this mount: turn you and take your journey and go to the mount of the Amorites, and unto all the places high there unto, in the plain, in the hills and in the vale, and in the South, and by the sea side, to the land of the Canaanites, and unto Lebanon, unto the great river, the river of Euphrates. Behold I have set the land before you: go in the possess the land which the Lord swore unto your fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to give unto them and to their seed after them.'

These words were spoken to people who had just been emancipated from slavery, who had never known anything but the brick kilns of Egypt. And the rigors of bondage; who at this time sat under the shades of Horeb, enjoying not only the shade, but the sweet, cool water that flowed in from the mountain; and who were fed with manna from the hand of God. Free from all terror, they sat there enjoying their freedom. Then God said,' Ye have dwelt long enough in this mount'. God did not save Israel out of Egypt just to make pets of them and to lavish His love upon them, to the exclusion of the rest of the world. Of course, He had a divine purpose and that purpose down through the ages, He has been carrying out. And based upon that, we might study four things that God had viewed:

He saved the people, He emancipated them, first of all, to reveal to them the great truth: 'Hear,O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord,' He wanted to give to the world a knowledge of the one and only true God.

The next thing He wanted to show to the world was the beauty of the Divine government, 'Happy is the people, whose God is Jehovah.'

Then He wanted, through them, as the custodians of His Divine oracles, to carry the truth to all the world.

And last of all, to give to the world the promised Savior, the King of kings, and the Lord of lords.


The World Needs This Truth


Now with this I wish to say, first of all ,that the world needs the Truth that you are now putting out, in order that it might have restored to it confidence in governments. The foundations of governments are trembling everywhere. People, because of subtle propaganda have lost faith in the powers that be, and especially in America we are suffering at this time from the loss of confidence in rulers, in established governments. Everywhere we hear that governments must all be destroyed, and that we must bring in a new order that way everything existing now is wrong.

Suppose for instance, that all people become obsessed with the idea, that all established Authority and all Governments are wrong. Then the result would be that there would be no appeal to patriotism, there would be no enlisting in the hour of trouble, as you had in your last great war. There would be nothing but a chaotic state of society, and such distress and misery as we have never had on this earth before, would be the result.

The moment that everyone was convicted that the present government are all of Satan, and of his power of domination, and that they are under his power, the only result would be chaos and war and sorrow. We need somehow to restore the confidence of the people of this world in the fact that government is of God. And as I understand it, I do not see anything that can better serve in this than respect towards the British Israel gospel, and the Truth that you are presenting.

Then the world needs this truth to enlighten the intelligencer. What do I mean by the intelligencer? It is that agitated man without intelligence. We are told that we have come from a lower order of animal life, and the child of today is traced back through some inferior creature down into the cave or to the scum of a drake pond, or somewhere else; and the consciousness of God id being wiped out. Recently a poll was taken of our college boys and girls in the states and it was found only one out of ten had not forgotten to go to church when they returned home. The creation of everything is accounted for without God. They will give the theory of evolution, or something of that kind. We need something that is definite.


Divine Plan Behind History


Our histories have assumed that which is not true; they have begun with a falsehood. And it certainly would appeal to any mans intelligence if he could discover that back of all history is the divine programmed and plan. You can trace back practically everything. If men were but enlightened they would find that God, the great Builder, had a well-defined programme when He started colonizing in this world. Just as there is the architect, then someone to excavate, another to put the foundation, and another to build up the structure, so in Gods great plan. When God laid His hand upon Abraham, and called him out of the land. He had His divine program, and once you see it, history is interpreted for you, and the great mysteries which our scholars today are trying to account for by speculation and uncertainties will become well defined, intelligent programs behind which we can read the words,' In the beginning God'. Read and see how God planned that sons of Isaac should each give to the world certain things.


Needed Unity of our Christian Nations


Then again, the world needs the British Israel Truth in order that so it may ensure the amity and the unity of the great Angelo-Saxon or Christian nations. I was impressed with this fact when, a few weeks ago I visited the territory where the men who first came to this country came with the idea that, under God hey were doing something. And, as Benjamin Franklin said, when they had wrangled for several days, trying to formulate a constitution without coming to any agreement, 'It seems strange that such intelligent men as you should ever have undertaken such a tremendous task without calling upon the Supreme Being. 'So they knelt and prayed, and immediately order and harmony were restored. They like you, felt it was under God they were working.

And everywhere you go in Angelo-Saxondon today, you can see the order, the programme, the laws ,the institutions; from the circuit judge, on through our entire government institutions, you can see that they are based upon the great foundation that God Himself laid down. For what we have with us today, we are bound to give credit to God and His book.


Britain and America Inseparable


But there is mischief abroad today. There is an effort being made to destroy the amity and the unity between Britain and America. Let me say this to you: Britain and America have never been separated. It is the work of the enemy that is seeking to bring embarrassing conditions between the two countries. And I know of no truth today that can restore confidence as this British Israel Truth. Because in my country, in the Southern land of America, you find the old Angelo-Saxon Puritan blood in the ascendancy. We still believe this book, in spite of all the attacks that are being made upon it.


This Truth Stimulates Missionary Zeal


We also need this Truth to stimulate missionary zeal. Study Gods Word and note the order. First possession: then practice. God never gives an exhortation, and never outlines for us a practice, or gives us a task to do, until He told us what we are, and who we are. Read that Ephesians Epistle: 'In Him' appears thirty times perhaps in the first chapter. Then He comes down and tells us who we are, and where we are, and then He tells us how we are. When we are made to feel that we have been appointed of God to carry to the world His Truth,  it brings with it a feeling of tremendous responsibility and also such a since of power that we cannot resist.

How we have in a measure fulfilled our tasks and can be seen when we know that out of 23,000,missionaries that have gone out into this world. Over 19,000 of them have gone from Britain and America. The execution of that noble work in obedience to Christ's commission has had a wholesome effect upon us. I could better illustrate it than I could establish its truth by argument:

'Few years ago, on the shores of Lake Michigan, a steamer was sighted battling with the storms. It was foundering, and it seemed that death was almost certain. Efforts had been made by the little life-saving crew, but they had been a failure. After a while there came down to the shore a little woman, and walking up to her big son ,she said, 'Remember, when you accept this position, I told you of it's responsibility. Have you done your level best? Go, and mother will pray for you'. And, again the persuasion and the advice of his fellows he leapt into the boat and battled with the storm. After a while they saw his boat coming back, and when he got near enough to the shore he began to shout,' I have saved my brother.'

To the storm-distressed nations we have brought salvation and have brought a blessing to our own people.


This Truth Restores Faith in the Bible


Last of all, the world needs this Truth and we need it to give us back our Bible. For years I have seen the Book going from us, and taken gradually from us by people who profess to believe it. In that subtle way they have interpreted this passage and that, until finally we have concluded that the Book, after all, is only a bit of Ancient literature. How different it is when once we see that, from the first, not one single promise that God made to our fathers has failed and not one single prophecy.

God knows the future, and this is in Gods Book, and we need this book given back to us, and this Truth which rejects none of it, can show the fulfillment of each promise and each prophecy. And let me say without any fear of being miss-understood that busy in the work as I have been. I have read my Bible more since this Truth got hold of me than I ever did in the same length of time before.


British Israel Stands the Great Test of Truth


Are these men who cast doubt on the Bible men of experience, of learning or are they ignorant men? Let me say this: there is one test by which to try them,1 John 4:3:

'And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is coming in the flesh is not of God: and this is the spirit of the Anti-Christ, whereof ye have heared that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.'

'And again in the Second Epistle:

'For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is coming in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an Anti-Christ.'(v.7)

Everyone that does not admit that Christ has come in the flesh is of the Anti-Christ. That is a double test. When people would have me believe that anything is from the Ant-Christ. I put that test, and it settles the question for me. Now I hold in my hand the Bible containing some of the most ancient and the most modern of all utterances that men have ever come in possession of written by different men, under different civilizations at different times and in different environments from the king's palace to the shepherd's tent. There are no contradictions; each is complementary to the other. I made this statement once, and have made it again and again in the university chapels of our land:

'I challenge you to show one single historical mistake, one single scientific blunder in this great Book-a magnificent temple of Truth, containing the utterance of the noblest characters that this old world has ever heared of.'

And as President Wilson said when our boys left for the Front: 'Boys read the Bible; the worlds greatest heroes and characters are there. Get acquainted with them.'


'Isaiah who talks of Israel in the Isles'


I pass through the Judges and in the Psalms, I step down awhile, and hear King David playing with his harp, and listened to the sacred music, and the precious words that express the deepest secrets of my soul. I not only listen to the loftiest music and the rarest poetry, but I pass on to listen to the wisdom of Solomon; and then I pass on to hearken to the glorious strains of Isaiah, who talks of Israel in the isles; then to the minor tones of Jeremiah.


'Hail the Power of Jesus' name'


I not only listen to this grand orchestra, but I pass on and sit down in the observatory there with Daniel. I see the rise and fall of Kings and empires and kingdoms. Then through each of the minor prophets who, with their telescopes, search the heavens for the star of Bethlehem. I travel on through the New Testament, carried, as it were , into the heavenlies, until in the end I see the King of kings, and the Lord of lords; whether it be what Ezekiel saw, or that which is pictured in the four Gospels. He is ever the same. And in the final Book of Revelation, I see the capstone. There we see the redeemed hosts, singing. 'All hail the power of Jesus' Name'.  And someday you and I great flock of King Jesus, will match into our full inheritance.

And back to Billy Graham

'I am a Christian Because of my Heritage', Say's Graham


'Scotland is a little country', said Mr. Billy Graham, at a Press conference, upon his arrival in Glasgow,' but it is an important country far beyond the statistics of its population because there are Scots all over the world. The United States owes a great spiritual debt to Scotland. My part of the country (North Carolina) is inhabited almost altogether by Scots, and we are called the ''Bible belt''. Our Scots forefathers brought their faith with them, and I am a Christian because of my heritage. So we do owe you as a nation and as Christians a great debt of gratitude, and if we can do the slightest thing to repay you we will count it great privilege' (The Glasgow Herald. 21.3.55)


It is quite evident that Billy Graham is aware of his Israel Identity heritage and yet for fame and fortune and the love of the world chose to ignore it, to work against it, and is the worse kind of traitor; one who knows the truth but actively rebels against it and God.  How many aspiring ministers has he warped, how many mixed marriages is he responsible for, how many violent crimes resulting from an integrated society is he behind.  Billy Graham flaunts his fame and fortune before God Almighty - pretending to be a mighty preacher yet a stooge of Satan he remains.




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