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The World Ends Tomorrow!

By Pastor Thomas Robb


America today is facing total oblivion! Does that sound pessimistic? Its meant to be. We as a people do not have a future if present conditions are allowed to exist much longer. I realize that many nations in the past have faced similar prospects and many men in the past eons of time have presented the same dismal attitude about their future both on paper and in the spoken word. And yet here we are!

Does that mean that I, because of above statement, must then be cataloged with the simple minded putrescent intellect, who with the saddened bedraggled face, long tangled hair and a frenzied look of imminent doom must parade the streets announcing to a carefree populist, "The World Ends Tomorrow". This was often the scene in the late sixties - early seventies.

Actually the world does not end tomorrow, but civilization may very well be about ready to face its demise. And that HAS happened many times as a result or the very thing that threatens us again.

Are we to once again regress into the dark ages? We have already begun to move into that kind of society where faith, honor, love and many other virtues of our race are considered old fashion. Patriotism too is something to be cast upon the heap of discarded junk. But these things as precious as they are to us but are merely the reflection of our race, qualities given to us by God. But destroy our race-our heritage and these qualities are gone forever. Whereas, preserve our race and the world will continue to be bright jewel in the blackness of the universe. And it our race that lies in danger at this hour. 

If we can find the willingness to work for the preservation of the tiny fish, the snail Darter, or the Great Blue Whale, surely we must realize how much more important it is to keep alive the most gracious living creature that walked on this planet, namely the race to which you and I belong. Our race is the most precious heritage we process. It was race-mixing that destroyed the civilizations of ancient history. But the race lived in other quarters of the globe and civilization sprang forth and lived as a fresh new rose upon the same bush (race) as the former.

But the future will hold no new flowers of peace, hope, freedom or the many other attributes of our race because the rose bush (our race) is being rotted out at its very roots and we face the lamented prospect that indeed "Civilization Ends Tomorrow". It may well be that the aborigines of the future will look upon the marble halls of what was our Congressional buildings and sacrifice their children to the great white Gods that once dwelt there.

But there is hope! There IS a way of escape! But like any other cure many people are afraid to try it, thinking that somehow the cure will be worse than the sickness. The cure is God's Law, and it is not worse than sickness, but will bring peace and prosperity to our present decadent society.

The Bible says, "Blessed is the nation, whose God is the Lord, and the people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance."

When I speak of the law of God, I am not speaking of something religious.  The churches of today want you to think that the laws of God have to do with religion.  However, the truth of the matter is that the majority of today's churches are preaching, teaching and living contrary to the laws of God.  God's laws are basic laws for the governing of the nation, given to his people, the white race.  God said that His people would be a blessing to the world, and it is as a result of our race being Christian and maintaining God's laws that the white race was God inspired with the ability to bring to being the great inventions, art, literature, and justice that we enjoy.  

That is why the scripture says "Blessed is the nation" because a blessing is the natural result of obedience to His laws.  But today we are being cursed by this very same law because of our transgression.  The most vile sin spoken of in the scriptures is that of race-mixing.  While the breaking of the other laws of God will most certainly send a curse upon our land, it is only the sin of race-mixing that will destroy our people - literally.  But the churches that today demand the allegiance of its members are more interested in teaching its "traditions" as God's laws, just as they did at the time of Christ (Matt.15). God's laws are quite different!

As an example; God's law deals with racial purity, taxation, charging interest (it was forbidden), murder, abortion, diet, prisons, choosing government officials, property rights, welfare, and may other aspects that will not be mentioned here - all of which are not taught in today's churches.  Our nation has turned against the vast majority of these laws and suffers from the result of transgressing these laws of God/nature.

In the Bible it says that "If my people which are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land".  Our land needs to be healed, and not our land only, but the whole world needs to be brought under the authority of God working through His chosen White (Israel) race.

The Bible speaks of this period of time when the word has succumbed to the hand of the Antichrist Jews as the tribulation.  But out of it will arise a people who will not bow to the anti-Christs, who will not parrot the "all races are equal" or "The Jews are God's chosen people" lie.  Rather it will be a people with a sense of honor and duty that will not lower their voices in the face of opposition, but will stand for the principles that make up that white racial government spoken of by Daniel the prophet. The Government of God through the authority vested in the white race will rise up and break asunder those who are in rebellion against God and His laws.  As a result of universal Christianity and white authority - all the nations and all of Gods creation will benefit and be blessed.  God intended for the white race to be a blessing to the world - but the world must respect that authority.

So it is with that dedication to our principles, love for our heritage and faith in Jesus Christ our lord and Savior who shall give us strength unto us mortals we shall fulfill our mission.  The world as we know it will end - only however, to be replaced by a Godly government and world peace.



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