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You CAN be Delivered from the


By Pastor Robb


We are all aware that the Bible talks about the terrible events that will occur in the last days. Usually it is called Armageddon. There has been articles, books, sermons and movies about the last days when there would arise the terrible reign of the anti-Christ.

Usually these articles, books, sermons and movies portray the anti-Christ as a wicked person who would come and abolish the teachings of Christ. He will replace Jesus Christ and promote himself as God. Those who will deny Jesus will have their life spared, but those who lay claim to the name of Jesus Christ will be in danger of suffering martyrdom.


The Scripture is not defiled and its prophecies are sure. So I do not question scripture, only the interpretation about the teachings of the last days by many of the current modern churches.

So I will get right to the point. There is an anti-Christ and he will come and he will present himself as God. The question we must ask ourselves is, “Will Christians recognize him as the anti-Christ?” Or could they be deceived and perhaps think this anti-Christ is really Jesus Christ? Remember, Satan did not appear to Eve as a wicked being, but as an enchanter, a wise and kind being who would show Eve and Adam the pathway to eternal life. Is it possible that this anti-Christ will appear the same way? Not as a tyrant pushing his way around, but as a kind and perhaps even loving person. One that is to be admired looked up to, respected and worshipped. Is it possible that the anti-Christ will appear as the returning messiah - Christ the Lord?

The Bible says that he will stand in the temple of God showing him that he is God. Yes Satan is a liar and it may well be that he will come upon the earth and proclaim that he is Jesus Christ returned. The Bible even says he will perform miracles and wonders. This anti-Christ will not attack Jesus Christ - he will proclaim Jesus Christ. He will speak his name, perform miracles and call upon all men to turn from their evil ways and worship him!

Revelations says the whole world will be deceived!

But there will be some who will know that this is not the true Christ but an impostor.

There will know because they did not become a part of the One World Church.

In Revelations 3:14, the Bible warns us of this last church age. It is called the Laedocian church. In many of the more recent editions of Strongs Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, Laedocian is defined as “a resident of Laodecia.” However in the older ones, and perhaps some of the newer ones, the word Laodecian itself is defined. The word means “church of human rights”. In other words the message of the Laodecian church, the One World Church which will lay the foundation and preparation of the anti-Christ, will preach a message of racial unity. Race-Mixing and Homosexuality are the two vile sins (abominations) that Christ says would arise in the last days and signal His coming return.

Over recent years we have seen a gigantic shift take place within the Christian Church. The faith of our fathers stood bravely against interracial marriage. In fact in 1958, 330 ministers in the Dallas/Ft Worth (Texas) area signed a statement printed in the Dallas Morning News, which stated that it was their understanding of Scripture that integration of the races was a sin. And this was the general teaching of that day and ALL previous history and teaching of the Christian faith. In fact it is safe to say that all the great Christian evangelists of the early to middle part of the century just past preached racial separation. And that would include the names of Billy Sunday, Gerald L.K. Smith, Dr. Gouthy, Paul Radar, F. F. Bosworth, Charles Parnham, Bob Jones, Mordicai Ham, Luke Rader, Roger Rusk, Thomas Howlett, and Bishop John Allen.

But today, modern Christian churches have adopted the New Age teaching of the Fatherhood of God and the Brother of Man. This New Age teaching has penetrated the Christian church and now most preachers preach integration and miscegenation. It is not uncommon to see a so called Christian church embracing this New Age occultic teaching of the Brotherhood of Man and perform interracial marriages before the alter of their God.

The Bible is a book of racial separation. I will give only a few of the many references that could be supplied.

The multi-racial One World Church is upon us. We see it preaching its New Age Occultic teaching of racial miscegenation under titles such as “racial harmony,” “racial reconciliation” and “Christian unity.” The world is being prepared to usher in a false messiah proclaiming to be Jesus Christ returned. Millions of people conditioned to accept the current image of a gutless Jesus who loves everybody, and who will welcome all mankind into His multi-racial church will be deceived.

Whether you agree with my assessment or not does not change the fact that it is well documented that the Christian church practiced racial separation until recent years.

Christ the only Hope!

Like all other sin, there is forgiveness. The God of the Bible established a covenant with our fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He said this covenant is an everlasting covenant which can never be broken. Among other things, He called the children of the Covenant, “a Holy people,” a “Holy nation,” a “peculiar people, and” a” righteous seed.” And Luke 1:68-72 of the Bible states Jesus was born to remember the “Holy covenant made with our father Abraham,” Rom 8:8 says Jesus Christ came to “keep the promises made unto the fathers,” and Heb says that God will make a New Covenant with “The House of Israel.”

God has continually shown His mercy to us. When our ancestors fell into sin God punished them and caused them to leave Palestine. But even in their wanderings through Europe His hand of protection was upon them. After all, God made a covenant, and God will not break His oath. Our Israel ancestors formed the great nations of Europe; Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, Scotland, Ireland. And of course they migrated to become the nations of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and United States. The blessings our people have brought upon the world can not be measured.

But just as it was prophesied by the prophet Daniel, because of sin, the power of the Holy people has been broken.

There is forgiveness. Jesus Christ paid the price of your redemption on Calvary, not only to keep the promise made to our forefathers but also to become our redeemer. Many people are lost in sin. The New Age One World Church with its occultic teaching of racial brotherhood has ensnared many people in its grip. The Bible says in Rom 1:23, “We all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.” Sin has separated us from God, but the Bible says he is ready to forgive us of our sins and to “cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

If you are trapped in the “racial reconciliation” teaching of the New Age “Christian Church” I invite you to turn back to the historical Jesus and the scriptural teachings of our forefathers. If you are a minister in one of these churches and yet tries to cover your sin of racial reconciliation under the banner of Jesus Christ. I want you to know that the same Christ you claim to preach can forgive you also. The Faith of our Fathers and the Old Time Religion can set you free from the One World Church and the grip Satan has on your life.


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