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Kingdom Bible Studies - The Set

A 9 Lesson Study that tackles, among other things, the question of who is today's "true" Israel. The study begins with "The Correct Meaning of Names" and ends with the "Church-vs-Ecclesia". Each lesson includes test questions and answer sheet. Pre-drilled sheets ready to fit into a three ringed binder.

Jesus was cruelly tortured and murdered along with his immediate followers. Their murderers were the political and religious rulers of the day. This sobering, undeniable fact forces us to ask how such a thing could happen.

Churches tell us it happened because of a conflict over religion. There is a great need to set the record straight. Jesus was murdered because He was establishing a Kingdom, not a religion.

This series of lessons shows that the controversy wasn't over religion at all, but had to do with the question of who can govern man and create law. Christ was killed because he came to establish a government - the Kingdom of God - and the rulers of that day used every means to try to destroy him and prevent His Kingdom from coming into power. They continue still today.

The set consists of a 9 lesson  study of the Kingdom of God and how it works in the lives of men and women.

In order to understand God's plan for His kingdom one needs to correctly identify the "players," their history, and how they fit into the picture today. After a step-by-step introduction to the players, both then and now, and establishing their whereabouts and how they arrived where they are, these lessons turn to the subject of government. It is essential for the believer to understand the vital influence government plays in the life of man. Government can be the source of either blessing or curse; prosperity or poverty; life or death. For this reason Yahweh commanded: "You shall have no other gods (governments) before me!" Thus we see the great battle of the ages. Whose government will man follow; God's, or man's?

The nine Lessons and their key subjects are as follows:

  1. WHO'S WHO - The Correct Meaning of Names: Hebrew, Israelite, Semite, Jew.
  2. WHO'S WHO - Understanding Word Meanings: Gentile.
  3. WHO'S WHO - The Lost Sheep.
  4. WHO'S WHO - The Descendants of Israel.
  5. CHRIST'S SHEEP- Modern Day Israel.
Each lesson includes test questions and answer sheet. 8 1/2" x 11" pre-drilled sheets ready to fit into a three ringed binder.You may purchase the set for a donation of $35.00

8 1/2" x 11"
100 pages

To order just send your request and donation of $35 (check or money order) to:

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Consider Your Family's Future!

50% of Children in the U.S. under 8 are non-white. The govt. projects that within 4 years (because of legal and illegal immigration and high birthrate) the majority of children under 18 will not be white. Whites will Be a Minority in Less than 30 Years!

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Jesus Was White

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"...and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.." Joel 2:28

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