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Photo Gallery

1) Entrance to the Bible Camp located 17 miles NE of Harrison, Arkansas - USA

2) a few campers enjoying a game of volleyball

3) Kids have fun during play time at camp meetings
4) an exhibit titled "Daughters of Liberty" one of several co-sponsored by Thomas Robb Ministries at the Annual White Christian Heritage Festival in Pulaski, TN
5) Pastor Thomas Robb speaking at the annual Faith and Freedom Conference at the Bible Camp. Behind him you can see the British Flag and on the stage are many other European flags to represent the Ango/Saxon/Germanic/Scandinavian and Kindred people of Europe's status as the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.

6) Pastor Ralph Forbes, a long time activist for Jesus Christ and founder of Good Truth Ministries / former campaign manager for David Duke / regular speaker at camp meetings.

7)Mrs. Rachel Pendergraft, is a regular speaker at Church conferences teaching Biblical answers to current problems facing White Christian America and writes for The Torch Magazine.
8) Front View of Christian Revival Center
9) Pastor Robb and his wife Muriel - They met at the original Soldiers of the Cross Bible College in Evergreen, Colorado where Mrs. Robb earned an A.A. in Christian Education and Pastor Robb graduated with a B.A. in Theology. He went on to earn his doctorate in California under private study.
10) Singing and playing for the Lord
11) Sunday School
12) Some camp out during Conferences or monthly meetings
13) Charity and Shelby of the band "Heritage Connection" perform frequently at church.
14) Faith and Freedom Conference each Spring is a great family event with lots of information, good food, fun, and inspiring speaches.
15) Front Gate to Bible Camp
16) After Church services
17) Sky Cam - SOTC Bible Camp - building to left is office - building in right corner with red roof is White Christian Revival Center (our church) to the left of church - but not visible is the Kid's Corner (Recreation Room)
A friendly game of pool during break at a recent conference

Consider Your Family's Future!

50% of Children in the U.S. under 8 are non-white. The govt. projects that within 4 years (because of legal and illegal immigration and high birthrate) the majority of children under 18 will not be white. Whites will Be a Minority in Less than 30 Years!

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Jesus Was White

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"...and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.." Joel 2:28

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